Pairing/Unpairing (2017) displayed at AIR Gallery, Altrincham as part of MAKE/SHIFT.  The socks were included as part of the installation and the audience are invited to interact, testing out the movements that happen within the video.

Single-channel video

Pairing/Unpairing is a single-channel video designed to be looped continuously. A dreamlike recording of 9 balls of socks being gently unpaired is first played in reverse, and then forwards.  This results in a subtle distortion of the routine of pairing socks. The movement of the socks adopts a magical and hypnotic quality when the effect of gravity is inverted, and then once played forward the memory of the previous sequence alters the viewer's attention to the movements within the fabric as well as in the fingers of the hands.  The ordinary balls of socks begin to shift into a kind of living presence within the video as the loop continues with no resolution.